This fun thing happened today:

Sophia's become quite opinionated about how she likes to wear her hair, clothes, and accessories (yes, accessories). She tells me whether she wants one ponytail, two pigtails, or braided hair every morning. She tells me if she wants to add a bow, barrettes, or a headband and if she wants to wear a necklace or not. She tells me when she wants her toes painted pink or purple. She picks her outfit most days along with the shoes and purse she wants to wear out.

Recently she started talking about wanting her hair cut. While I just can't let go of her baby curls yet, her hair has grown down the middle of her back. Her hair in the front is long, but my wild child can't seem to keep it out of her face even when it's been tucked into a ponytail or accessory. So today she got her bangs cut. She was ecstatic about it and kept telling me she's a big girl with a big-girl haircut. 

"Before" photos:

"After" photos:

I couldn't get her to take the sunglasses off for a picture before I put her hair in pigtails because she's too cool for school.

And here are a few shots of the big moment:

Every girl likes to be pampered!

After we got home she told me she needs makeup on her face. That is not happening for a few years.