Momming is hard, yo.

My goodness, friends. This mom stuff is hard sometimes. And I'm in the thick of it. Today was one of those that everyone tells you about but for which nothing can prepare you.

My biggest little has all the feels lately, and she swings like a pendulum from cheerful to devilish and from laughing to devastated all within about three minutes. My itty bittiest had a flare-up of eczema today, and she screamed and flailed and cried in the worst way until she broke my heart. I have a mountain of dishes in my sink that I need to load into the dishwasher, except that I first need to empty the clean ones out of the washer and into my cabinets. I really could use a shower (or a hot aromatherapy bath complete with spa music and a massage), and I haven't yet sat down to pay my mid-month bills. Or finished Sierra's birth announcements. Or written all the thank you cards for baby gifts and meals after she was born. Or finished unpacking from moving into this house 2 months ago.

I put my 3 year old to bed three four times tonight, the last of which came after a scolding because I found her surrounded by books with the lights on in her room (this actually happened while I was writing this blog post). Then as I walked the floor with my not-quite 4 month old on my shoulder after she woke for the second time, I fought tears for the second time today. This time I lost the battle. As I gently patted her bottom to the rhythm of my footsteps and told myself to just breathe, I heard it.

It was an almost-audible whisper: It is just a season. I am here.

I Am. Here He is in the midst of the daily things, the life-altering things, the laborious things: The Unchanging amidst the ever-changing. He who counts the stars and calls them by name also watches me in the darkness of my bedroom, pacing beside the bed. And He reminds me that I am His, and He will not abandon me.

Isn't that what every parent wants for their children--to know security and love? It's my job to be that for them, to show Him to them. Through the toughest, most emotionally exhausting times even, I must be His hands: reaching out, comforting, healing. Caressing hairlines. Kissing boo boos. Shushing whimpers and wrapping my arms around tiny bodies. Remembering that what they need in me is who I have in Him.

So if you see me and my ponytail is halfway falling out, or if I say the wrong word or refer to one of my children by the wrong name, or if I invite you over and then apologize profusely for the mess, please do excuse me. I'm in the thick of it. This mom stuff is hard sometimes.


Our Little Miracle

Both of our girls are, without a doubt, little miracles from God. We're so grateful for them.

I'm pleased to share these priceless photos of the birth of our second daughter, Sierra Lorene, with our family and friends.

Enjoy. 💗

Images by Brooke Forwood Photo


Closing Time

Just a few short weeks before we had our second sweet baby girl, our dear friend Chelsea of PhotoChic Imagery & Design captured these precious photos of our family in a maternity session.

I adore these photos of our little family! We couldn't be any more excited about our beloved new daughter, but so glad we have these memories of us with our Sophia before Little Miss #2 was born.

"Closing time... You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."


St. Patty's Day Crafting

Every year we go to the local St. Patrick's Day parade, and Sophia and I dress up a little bit wacky in lots of green. I found a cute t-shirt for Sophia several weeks ago, but all the maternity shirts I've seen (or non-maternity shirts that would fit) for the occasion were more money than I was willing to spend. So I decided to make my own shirt this year. Sophia helped me out.

We used fabric paint and made "shamrock" stamps by cutting a green pepper in half. Luckily, it worked just the way I'd hoped.

When we were done, Sophia did a little finger-painting. She's quite the artiste

The shirts turned out great, and they were cheap to make! Shhh~we made one for Daddy, too! It's a surprise for him!



This fun thing happened today:

Sophia's become quite opinionated about how she likes to wear her hair, clothes, and accessories (yes, accessories). She tells me whether she wants one ponytail, two pigtails, or braided hair every morning. She tells me if she wants to add a bow, barrettes, or a headband and if she wants to wear a necklace or not. She tells me when she wants her toes painted pink or purple. She picks her outfit most days along with the shoes and purse she wants to wear out.

Recently she started talking about wanting her hair cut. While I just can't let go of her baby curls yet, her hair has grown down the middle of her back. Her hair in the front is long, but my wild child can't seem to keep it out of her face even when it's been tucked into a ponytail or accessory. So today she got her bangs cut. She was ecstatic about it and kept telling me she's a big girl with a big-girl haircut. 

"Before" photos:

"After" photos:

I couldn't get her to take the sunglasses off for a picture before I put her hair in pigtails because she's too cool for school.

And here are a few shots of the big moment:

Every girl likes to be pampered!

After we got home she told me she needs makeup on her face. That is not happening for a few years.