Social Media Break

I'm spending some time away from the internet, especially social media, except for what I must do for my freelance work.

Here's what I posted on Facebook. I want to share my sentiments here.

I know I just spent nearly the entire holiday season off Facebook, but starting tomorrow I'm off it again. I'm not sure if I'll stay off just one day or longer.
I've thought about disconnecting from the internet altogether. The truth is, with this little one around it's hard to get out and see family and friends as often as I'd like. With family living thousands of miles away and everyone staying so busy, this has been the easiest way to stay in touch. So this is where I keep up on what is going on in my loved ones' lives. Although social media can be a great tool for this, I feel like it's taken something away from the quality of true human life.
Social media is not solely to blame; I think our whole world is expected to speed ahead at lightning pace. And it's just not for me. I mean, I always thought it was. But we were meant for so much more than status updates and digital relationships. There is real life out there--over here, right in front of me. And I want to remove anything in my life that distracts or subtracts from that.
"We want God to move? How badly? Do we want Him more than food? Do we want God more than comfort? Do we crave Him above any other thing? I know that I have been in a season where I haven’t. I wanted Netflix more, I wanted sleep more, I wanted food more, I wanted comfort more." ~from attached blog post by Jennie Allen
I want to remove anything that takes away my time from God or my family. Things that suck up my time must go.
Here are a couple blog posts (not authored by me) that talk about why I'm doing this. I'm not posting to make a dramatic exit, but to encourage all of you to remember life in front of you--the real stuff. The stuff that doesn't require clickety-clacks on keyboards or faces buried in glowing touchscreens.
So until next time, adios.

I will try to start blogging again shortly, but can't make any promises. Writing and blogging truly are my greatest stress-relievers, but priorities, priorities. 

Here are some pictures of my sweet girl in the meantime.