Saturday Funday

Last weekend S got to meet her Grandpa Gary for the first time. We were so happy to have time with him and fortunate that we had perfect sunshine: playing hard, grilling out, and running in the water. I'm not sure there's a happier occasion than spending the day outside with family.

Colorado kid.

Daddy is the most fun.

Big cousin leads the way.

Sophia was the photographer here.

First time on the splash pad. She's a fan!

Tiny pony.

Cool, dude.

Sweet Grandpa.

These two. Wild Thing and Wild One.

She's still cute when she cries.

Four boys and a girl.

My favorite part: her hand looped around his arm.

Karaoke contest in the tent.

All about trucks and books.

He's teaching her how to properly climb.

Little feet.

Loves from auntie.

What'cha lookin' at?

The only bad part was having to say goodbye. We can't wait to visit Grandpa Gary again.

Thanks for the last three photos, Sarah!