I recently watched a video from Nature Valley (you know the granola bar company that makes those delicious sweet & salty bars?), and it echoes one of my fears for my daughter's generation. Of course, the video is an ad trying to sell granola bars and it is a bit dramatic, but it still makes a good point. 

While I understand the value of learning about technology and recognize it's imperative in the world today, it makes me sad to think S might ever be more interested in the internet than playing outside. My best memories as a child involve riding my bike, running, playing in the sand and dirt, building forts out of fallen tree limbs, climbing to the top of our willow tree, sneaking off to the creek that ran through our land, climbing over fences, and nosing around my friend's parents' boat. This is exactly why I'm so grateful to be in Colorado where it is easy to just get outdoors and have fun!

Yesterday our outdoor adventure was a visit to The Wildlife Sanctuary outside of Keenesburg. I got closer to lions, tigers, and bears (and porcupines and wolves and lynx and fox) than I've ever been. It was such a neat place, and I'm so glad it exists. If you decide to visit, it's good to know going in that it is NOT a tourist attraction. It's not like visiting the zoo. The habitats aren't set up for the animals to be "on display." Rather, it is a true sanctuary in every sense of the word, with habitats and enclosures built to provide a happy, safe environment for the animals in as-close-to-natural-as-possible circumstances. Visitors view the animals from a walkway high above the habitats, and sometimes it takes a while to spot an animal in its area. But it was such a pleasant trip, and I plan to visit again.

I wish my "good" camera wasn't broken, as my husband's camera just can't capture the quality photos I would have liked to have. But we had a fun day, which is what was most important.

* I first saw the Nature Valley video here