Over the River and Through the Woods

I live in the state with the most fourteeners and highest mean altitude in the country, the highest paved highway on the continent, and the highest suspension bridge in the world. I'd love to be exploring all the peaks and ridges of these beautiful mountains every day this summer, but real everyday life just doesn't allow that sort of venture. 

So I'm particularly grateful for sweet weekend trips to my mom's house. I'm extra lucky that she lives in a charming neighborhood on the side of a mountain at around 8,500 feet elevation and completely surrounded by forest.

She's also just a hop, skip, and a jump from Evergreen, Colorado, which is a fun town to visit for its sites and shops. I love visiting her just to spend time with her and my stepdad, but I'd be a fool not to enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking views while I'm there.

Saturday was Mom's birthday, so I doubled up my trip by celebrating with her and also taking a little time to enjoy the mountains. We had a great time, except that it rained and we didn't get to take our little hike around Lake Evergreen. We did some shopping though, and I got a hike in later in the weekend.

My mommy

My mom has a little brook running behind her house along with a hiking trail that runs through the neighborhood and back into the woods. S and I took the trail with her on my back and eventually she took a nap along the way. This is basically in Mom's backyard.

Bear country, for sure

Back side of Mom's house

Bark scars on the Aspens

Pond #1

Pond #2

The shed stores ice skates for residents. There's also a horseshoe pit near the pond.

This guy swooped down so close to me I thought he was going to land. He was something else.

I plan to pick up a trail map of the area before I head that way again, as I know there's several preserves and open spaces around there I haven't seen before. We've got less than half the summer left, and I intend to make the most of it!