It's That Time Already

Today we had to lower the crib mattress to its lowest setting. It's hard to believe that just 10 months ago she'd nap it in at its highest setting, just inches from the top of the rail. The next time we change her crib it will be to convert it to a toddler bed. Where does the time go?

In other news, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that today I finally hung the nursery art I've had for nearly a year. The only thing I've had on her wall besides the polka dots is the banner her Auntie Sarah made for her baby shower. I still have a few more things to add, but at least I'm finally getting started. I'm thinking when we move out of this house I'll want to choose new room decor anyway. And I know it won't be too long before she starts forming opinions of her own and wanting to choose her own things. (Sigh.)

She's now sleeping heavily in her newly lowered crib, resting up for the major mountaineering we're about to do in the next couple of days. I can't wait!