boogers, boogers everywhere...

Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. There aren't boogers everywhere. But our sweet little girl sure has been coughing and having her nose sucked out a lot. Thank you, Nose Frida. 

It's the first time Sophia has had the flu, and I think it's made this mommy more sad than it has the little one. She's on medicine to help relieve symptoms, which is a blessing. Today she spent a good deal of time crawling and cruising, dumping toys all over the living room, and trying to climb things she knows she's supposed to stay away from. I had a hard time keeping up! I haven't slept all week since I've been staying awake to listen to her breathe. I've drifted off only to wake up to an imaginary cry from her room, stumbling through the hallway before realizing I must have been dreaming.

On one hand, it breaks my heart to know she feels achy and tired and drained. On the other hand, it's made for the warmest daytime snuggles and loves. It's not out of the ordinary for Sophia to want to be held--but usually for entertainment purposes, to be played with or to get a good view on the room around her. But this week she's been offering genuine cuddle time. It's been wonderful.

Today I started thinking about how my mom took care of me during sick days growing up. I remember being told I had to stay in bed, and I would--for a while. Inevitably over the course of the morning I'd make my way out to the living room to spread out on the couch. I don't remember exactly what I did those days, but I remember that my mom would rub my head, combing through my hair with her fingers, and talk to me about whatever we talked about. Sometimes Nana would come over. Sometimes I had to go see the pediatrician, which almost always resulted in a trip to McDonald's. Dr. Pardo's office gave out little cards for a free cheeseburger at the end of each appointment. It was a reward of sorts. McDonald's may not be the best food choice for a kid with the flu, but of course I wanted it anyway. I think my mom usually obliged. We'd go through the drive-thru and then home where I'd finish out the afternoon parked on the couch binge-watching VHS tapes. Good times. I guess being sick isn't always the worst.

I know this won't be the last time Sophia is sick. I hope the days she will spend feeling ill are minimal and that she grows up healthy and strong as any human can be. But also I will treasure the days ahead when she stays still and allows me to rub her head, comb through her hair with my fingers, and talk to her about whatever we talk about. Maybe my mom will come over. Maybe after seeing the pediatrician we'll grab a treat on the way home.