Photo Fun

I'm sooooo behind on blogging, so naturally I stretched myself even more thin on the internet front and started a SECOND blog. Ha. You could say I'm a glutton for punishment, but you'd be wrong.

I actually love to write and blog when I have time, so it made sense to me to do it. The blogs are a bit different because Wilson Family Colorado blog is for family and friends to read about our goings on (when I ever update it). The Sometimes Mommy Blogs blog is more about my day-to-day experiences as a first-time mom, staying at home for the first time in my life, and stumbling along as a homemaker. If you want to see what the "other blog" is about, check it out herehttp://sometimesmommyblogs.blogspot.com.

So now that's out of the way, here's a whole lot of photos of Sophia from around Thanksgiving through now.

Here are the big milestones Sophia has hit over the past couple of months:
  • Sitting up
  • Crawling
  • Transitions from sitting up to crawling and back
  • Stands up while holding onto furniture (or Mommy or Daddy)
  • Eats baby food (made by Mommy, so it's hit-and-miss)
  • Drinks water from sippy cup
  • Plays hard and has learned how to operate some of her electronic toys
  • Plays games on Mommy's iPhone
  • Blows "raspberries"
  • Laughs all the time, except when she screams at the top of her lungs to hear her own voice