Punkin Pie

Oh, my little punkin pie. Punkin, punky, or punky butt for short. 

I'm about to have a 5 month old on my hands. And I can't get enough of her. They weren't joking when they said the days are long but the years are short. These 5 months have been the most treasured of my life.

They also said "life will never be the same." Well, that's a no-brainer. Of course life can't be the same. Not only is there another human being living in my house, but this tiny person relies on me for absolutely everything. Her very survival rests in my hands. I pray daily for God to make my hands capable.

It's more accurate to say "I will never be the same."

She has forever changed me.

A world of chaos swirls around me between nursing, changing diapers, fussiness, ear aches, loud toys, cries, coos, laughs, squeals, shrieks, tick-tocks of the swing, cartoons, white noise, making lunches for hubby, my job (oh yeah, I have a job!), answering emails, editing files, paying bills, making doctor appointments, doing laundry, piled-up dishes, floors that need vacuumed, thank-you cards that still need to be written, more diapers, more cries, bedtime stories, baby baths, baby blowouts, lullabies, and yet more diapers.

But with all the chaos--all the stressful, overwhelming, and mind-blowing craziness that has become my life--I am content. At the end of the day, what matters most is that my family is together, healthy, and mostly happy. So I am content.