Maternity Pics

Baby is 34 weeks along now, and I feel like a walking house. Last week my clumsy top-heavy self took a little spill on the garage floor. Baby and I are totally okay, but it gave me a good scare and a night on the labor & delivery floor at the hospital. My back has been extra sore ever since, but in just around 6 short weeks I'll be holding Baby Wilson in my arms and any pain or discomfort I've had will be completely worth it!

Here's a photo from last week when baby was 33 weeks, a couple days after I fell.

The week before, my friend Chelsea, who is also a fabulous photographer (PhotoChic Imagery & Design), took our maternity photos. We took some photos at home and some at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins. The Farm is a cute little oasis in the middle of the city with barnyard animals and pretty surroundings. Here's a few shots from the session--check out Chelsea's website if you're needing photos!

We have a few little things left to do before baby arrives, but we're mostly ready! We know she needs these remaining weeks to bake a little longer, but we are getting anxious to meet our little girl!

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