More Maternity Photos

From the fabulous Chelsea at PhotoChic Imagery & Design!


I am so grateful to be expecting my first baby. I remember crying each month when I realized I wasn't pregnant, and wanting this baby so badly I couldn't stand it. I still feel this way. But I also feel like this:

and this...


Maternity Pics

Baby is 34 weeks along now, and I feel like a walking house. Last week my clumsy top-heavy self took a little spill on the garage floor. Baby and I are totally okay, but it gave me a good scare and a night on the labor & delivery floor at the hospital. My back has been extra sore ever since, but in just around 6 short weeks I'll be holding Baby Wilson in my arms and any pain or discomfort I've had will be completely worth it!

Here's a photo from last week when baby was 33 weeks, a couple days after I fell.

The week before, my friend Chelsea, who is also a fabulous photographer (PhotoChic Imagery & Design), took our maternity photos. We took some photos at home and some at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins. The Farm is a cute little oasis in the middle of the city with barnyard animals and pretty surroundings. Here's a few shots from the session--check out Chelsea's website if you're needing photos!

We have a few little things left to do before baby arrives, but we're mostly ready! We know she needs these remaining weeks to bake a little longer, but we are getting anxious to meet our little girl!


Nursery Photos

We're 33 weeks now, and I'm way behind on blogging. I still want to share the rest of my photos from my Illinois visit, my Colorado baby shower, and several other things, but I still need to load all the photos and look through them. In the meantime, I have so many things to share from the past couple of weeks that I'll have to split it all up into several different posts. 

For now, here's a peek at Baby Wilson's nursery! Last weekend Nick and I came close to finishing it. We're so happy with the way it turned out, and we have just a have a few finishing touches to add.

We absolutely love the matte gold glitter polka dot wall decals (found on Etsy)! Our goal was to make the nursery feminine and chic, but without an overwhelming amount of pink. We still have to hang the curtains, and we'll add a framed piece of art on that blank corner wall. The bassinet is very special to me. My grandmother gave it to my mother at her baby shower when she was pregnant with me. I slept in it as a baby, my brother slept in it, and my brother's kids slept in it. Now my little girl will sleep in it!

We're waiting until we meet our little angel before we name her. Once she has a name, we'll get wooden letters and spell her name on the wall above the dresser/changing station. We'll also be hanging the "Hello Bebe" banner (currently on the dresser) somewhere in the room, probably above the crib. I plan to hang one or two small bookshelves on the wall above the small corner bookshelf. The antique dresser was in my room growing up.

The crib is solid maple, so it's a very hard wood. It's a convertible crib, so it will turn into a toddler bed and then a full-size bed. We wanted a solid hard wood so the furniture will last through her teenage years.

We also got our car seat and stroller, which was the last major piece of baby gear we needed before we're ready for her arrival. She's got a few more weeks to finish baking, but we can't wait to meet our little bun!