28 and busy!

We're 28 weeks 5 days along and doing well! Last weekend Nick put together the crib and glider chair and ottoman in the nursery! We cleared out the whole room, I steam-cleaned it, and then Nick put together the furniture. I finished up washing all the baby clothes I have so far and got them sorted out by sizes and put away. I'm currently in the process of cleaning all the toys and other baby items and putting them in the nursery--quite a process! My living room is currently swamped with baby items, but it is worth taking our time to get things cleaned and organized.

(It drives me crazy that this photo is crooked, but oh well!)

I started sorting my diapers (we're using disposables during the newborn stage and then using one-size cloth diapers until our girl is potty trained). I currently have 10 cloth diapers and will build up my stash to a total of 30.

This girl is still kicking and moving all the time! My midwife appointment today went very well. We are measuring and weighing right on target, and the midwife's assistant says I could be a poster child for pregnancy because everything is so healthy! Praise God!

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