23 Weeks

We've been so busy the past couple of weeks, I haven't had a chance to blog about it. On the 16th, we celebrate the first birthday of a cherished little girl named Elly. She's the daughter of one of my closest friends, Beth, and we had such fun seeing her! Our sis-in-law Sarah and nephew Paxton rode up to Cheyenne, Wyoming, with us to the party. It was a great day!

Baby and me at 21 weeks, Beth and Elly, Sarah and Paxton
Nick and Paxton
Baby bump! 21 weeks
We're finally almost done registering for the baby showers, and we've decided on nursery colors. We're not doing a "theme," but we're doing white and gold for the colors. I'm not big on lots of pink or frills, but I like an equally casual and glamorous look. I have no doubt our daughter's nursery will be the prettiest room in the house.

Here are a couple pictures of the nursery that inspired the look we're going for:

Nursery images via On To Baby

The nursery walls will be white, and instead of a chevron accent wall, we'll have gold polka dots. For those who've asked about where we're registered, we are registered at Babies R Us and MyRegistry.com.

Now we're 23 weeks pregnant and, aside from a brutal cold that had me stuck in bed for 2 days, I'm mostly feeling good!

We're growing more in love with the little girl growing inside me every day!

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